Awesome! Now one more thing …

Well, that was easy and so useful!

Thank you for urging your lawmakers in Austin to move a bunch of great bills out of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. Normally we’d ask you to share this action with others, but not today. (We only need people in committee members’ districts to respond right now.)

Instead, we wanted to make sure you’d heard the new, original song and seen the accompanying video we produced to support HB 81 punishing marijuana possession with a civil penalty and a $250 fine instead of jail time. After you’ve watched the video, you can take the action to email your legislator to support that excellent bill if you haven’t already.

Despite huge shifts in public thinking around arresting and jailing pot users, Texas did little in 2015. We will need a huge movement to get pass this bill in 2017.

Thanks again for taking action!