Strong criminal justice reform coming to Texas Democratic Party platform, thanks to you!

Criminal Justice reform is about core American values, like the fair and equal application of the laws, respect for the constitution, and the protection of the innocent. The most urgently needed reforms — scaling back the failed war on drugs, responding to mental illness or addiction with treatment instead of police and arrest, getting low risk people out of jail pre-trial so they don’t lose their jobs and family — deserve strong support from the Democratic party.

Thanks to people like you, we believe criminal justice reform will be a much stronger part of the Democratic party platform this year.

If you are attending the Democratic Party state convention in Fort Worth, you can help us cross the finish line!

  1. Download the list of criminal justice resolutions
  2. Take the resolutions with you to the state convention
  3. Come find the Just Liberty table in the exhibition hall and we’ll update you on progress.


Join us at our booth in Fort Worth! We will be pushing strong criminal justice resolutions through the convention process into the Democratic party platform. Sit down with us for a few minutes and tell us why you support criminal justice reform! We will be posting live comments from people on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.

Democratic Criminal Justice Resolutions – Download

In this document:

  • Resolution relating to cell phone data privacy
  • Resolution relating to abolishing Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program
  • Resolution relating to militarization of police
  • Resolution relating to Civil Penalty for Marijuana Offense
  • Resolution relating to Medical Marijuana
  • Resolution relating to Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Resolution relating to arrest and jail for non-jailable minor offenses like traffic tickets
  • Resolution relating to Pretrial Release
  • Resolution relating to raising the age of criminal responsibility from 17 to 18 years
  • Resolution relating to “consent” searches at traffic stops
  • Resolution relating to use of force
  • Resolution related to our bloated prison system
  • Resolution to close unsafe juvenile prisons
  • Resolution to treat drug addiction and reduce crime
  • Resolution to defend the rights of citizens accused
  • Resolution to end debtor’s prison in Texas