With your help, GOP platform leads on liberty. See you in San Antonio!

Criminal Justice reform is about core American values, like individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a smaller, less invasive government. The policies and laws that deprive people of liberty must be wielded carefully and with respect for the constitution and the impact on taxpayers.

The GOP is already a leader for liberty — it is time to clearly outline that leadership as it relates to criminal justice.

Thanks to people like you, many strong planks passed at the county and Senate District conventions, and those ideas will now be considered at the State Convention in June! If you are a delegate at the state convention, you can help!

  1. Download the list of criminal justice resolutions
  2. Take the resolutions with you to the convention
  3. Find Just Liberty’s booth and we’ll update you on the status of your priorities. We will be in the main exhibit hall, close to the center of the action!


Together we will push the following resolutions through the process in San Antonio in June. Download and print out the set of resolutions below. When you find us at the Just Liberty booth, sit down for a moment and tell us why you support liberty planks like these in the GOP platform! We will be posting supporter comments to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more throughout the convention.

Republican Criminal Justice Resolutions – Download

In this document:

  • Resolution relating to cell phone data privacy
  • Resolution relating to abolishing Texas’ Driver Responsibility Program
  • Resolution relating to militarization of police
  • Resolution relating to Civil Penalty for Marijuana Offense
  • Resolution relating to Medical Cannabis
  • Resolution relating to Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • Resolution relating to arrest and jail for non-jailable minor offenses like traffic tickets
  • Resolution relating to Pre-trial Release
  • Resolution relating to raising the age of criminal responsibility from 17 to 18 years
  • Resolution relating to “consent” searches at traffic stops
  • Resolution relating to use of force reporting
  • Resolution related to our bloated prison system
  • Resolution to adopt the Scott Walker juvenile justice model
  • Resolution to treat drug addiction and reduce crime
  • Resolution to defend the rights of citizens accused
  • Resolution to end debtor’s prison in Texas