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Now that you see how easy it is to send a relevant message to your own lawmakers at a time when it can really help move the needle, why not do it again? The Texas Legislature just reconvened, and the next month is critical. We have to show lawmakers that Texans support real change. If you’ve got another minute, you could help us again right now!

Arresting and jailing people for traffic violations or unpaid traffic tickets is a waste of scarce public safety resources. An unpaid fine is not more sacred than an unpaid cable bill, and should not be collected using police and jails. This change reduces tensions at traffic stops and ends the practice of “warrant roundups” where people are arrested at work because they couldn’t pay. Unpaid tickets can be pursued using commercial debt collection, the same as all private businesses use for unpaid bills.

If you don’t want to wait eight hours the next time you need to renew your drivers license, lawmakers say taxpayers will need to spend almost half a billion more on the Department of Public Safety. Not true! Instead, a small investment in better telephone customer service, along with the repeal of programs that revoke the license of hundreds of thousands every year because they can’t pay a fine or fee, would fix the problem at a far lower cost.