Thank you for contacting Texas leaders!

That was easy and so useful!

Thank you for contacting the Governor Abbott and other state leaders to support waiving criminal-justice debt for Hurricane Harvey victims. Ordinary Texans rarely participate in these decisions, so you have just done something that will be noticed.

Just Liberty supporters in 2017 are helping to reduce the serious and ongoing problems people face for very minor infractions. You are helping to end arrest and jail for violations for which a fine (usually in the form of a ticket) should be the only consequence. And Texas must keep safe drivers legally on the road, even if they can’t afford their steep Driver Responsibility Program fees. These fees are assessed on top of the traffic ticket amount and are billed each year for three years. Right now, we’re focused on helping those recovering from Harvey to get their license back and be able to driver legally, even if they currently owe DRP fees.

You probably know other people who support this kind of common sense justice reform. Take a moment to share Just Liberty with them. You can share our action on Facebook or Twitter using the links below. We’re a brand new organization and could use all the word-of-mouth support we can get!

Thanks for your help. Together, we can make a difference for Texas.