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Thank you for contacting your Texas Representative for a “Yes” vote to limit arrests for fine-only offenses. Last night, the cell phone video from Sandra Bland’s phone was released, after being “lost” for nearly four years. It shows definitively that Sandra Bland was arrested because officers currently may arrest a person over “failure to signal” and other minor traffic infractions. HB 2754 will allow arrest where there is an immediate public safety issue, but not where the only charge is a minor fine-only infraction.

THIS BILL WILL GET A HOUSE FLOOR VOTE TODAY AND A SECOND VOTE TOMORROW! You probably know other people who would support ending unnecessary and harmful arrests for traffic violations. The Texas legislative session will wind down soon. This bill is very much alive, but we need a strong show of support. You can share our action on Facebook or Twitter using the links below.

Thanks for your help. Together, we can make a difference for Texas.