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Thanks for contacting us!

Thanks for contacting us! We look forward to a great dialog. It usually takes a couple days for our (small) staff to read and respond to everyone’s comments and questions.

If you want information urgently, here are some quick resources:

  • for information about policy related to criminal justice in Texas, check out GritsforBreakfast.org, a well-regarded statewide blog written by staff member Scott Henson. To search only on Grits, scroll down and look for the search box in the right column. Click “search Grits” and go!
  • for information about broader Texas policies related to Liberty and Justice, check out the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Effective Justice.
  • for information about your right to expunge false information from your public record, check out the University of Texas’ Expunction Law Project.
  • for information about debtor’s prisons and unnecessary jailing of those who have not been convicted of any crime, check out Texas Fair Defense’s Pretrial Justice pages.
  • for information about Texas’s successful experiments in safely reducing incarceration, check out the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition.

We will be in touch very soon. Thanks again for reaching out.

Scott Henson